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3. Do that.*

(*Why this actually works.)

Every problem is simply an invitation
for us to be who we really are.
All we have to do is RSVP.
-Frank Gjata

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Why this actually works.

Most people focus on their “problems” and try to get rid of them, or ignore them altogether, hoping that they will just go away. But that rarely happens, right? It makes sense we would focus on "the problem" ‘cause it surely seems like all of our head-and-heartaches stem from it. As hard as it may be to believe, "the problem” is actually NOT where the focus needs to go.

"The problem" is simply a reflection or the manifestation (think of a projection on a screen) of a hidden belief or old pattern that we carry within us. Of course, consciously we don’t want this, but unconsciously we’re programmed to have it. We usually acquire it at a young age (gee, thanks Mom and Dad...and ancestors;-) and will stay ingrained in us...unless we change the old belief/programming. "The perceived problem" is simply pointing out "the real problem" area within ourselves that we need to face, grow or we can step into the power of who we really are! Our problems are actually our blessings.

One of the quickest ways to change our old programming is to simply acknowledge it and not react to the “problem” (the reflection), and instead, act in accordance to what we truly want and who we really are. As we do this, we send a message to our subconscious (and the universe) that we no longer believe (and act in accordance to) the old belief and programming, but we now act in alignment with our new belief...our true desire...our truest selves. The “problem” may literally disappear or a solution may become apparent that we never thought of before. The best part of all is when our new true reflections and manifestations appear (a brand new movie)! Much more fun. Enjoy;-)